Tuesday, December 12, 2006

مو حلو الموديل

مساكم الله بالخير حبايبي, مادري أنتوا شفيكم لي الحين مضيعين البلوق ومو راضين تدلونه؟! ... أدري أنا أدري ... على قولة الأغنية "أنا الغلطان", ولا إحنا كنا شزينا شحلاتنا-صج كنت أهل عليكم مثل هلال العيد- بس العوض ولا القطيعة, بس الواحد شيقول؟! هذي اللقافة وما تسوي ... إي والله, إي والله
anyway my dear readerz, i dnt have much of a salfa (so to speak) and i just wanted 2 say hi so ... Hi!
i stopped reading newz paperz long time ago that's y i dnt have sumthng worth ranting and perhaps a smart analysis leading to a solution-like conclusion. n th stuff that i pass by in everyday-life n have sumthng 2 say abt it ... well ... by th time i find me an internet connection the thoughts are long poofed* away from my head. anyway ... let me go o a2athy sum of th other bloggerz ... Heheheheeee ... big bosa 4 u all
*poofed is the past participle of poof which is poofing sumthing away :D

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